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SEO meta text optimization
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OGG meta text optimization
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✅ Included
Search key optimization
✅ Included, up to five
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✅ Included, up to seven
Google Analytics optimization/setup
✅ Included
✅ Upgraded to include audience/traffic analysis
✅ Upgraded to include custom segmentation as needed or requested
Client support
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✅ Priority email/chat assistance
✅ Global priority support via phone
SEO meta image optimization
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✅ Included
SEO OGG image optimization
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Facebook testing/analytics optimization/setup
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✅ Upgraded to include in-depth review
Twitter media testing and report
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✅ Included
Facebook media testing and report
✅ Included
✅ Included
Competitor marketing profile reports
✅ Included, up to two
✅ Included, up to three
Keyword analysis/testing
✅ Included, provided monthly
Expanded media testing and report
✅ Any platform upon request, no additional fee
Custom content page setup
✅ Comprehensive
Custom content creation
✅ Included, up to three initial entries with up to 5 search keys each
Site review
✅ Included
Site optimization
✅ Included for all site content
Monthly action reports
✅ Included, provided upon request
Media management
✅ Included, plus custom services
Email tie-ins
✅ Included, up to four per month
Custom performance reports
✅ Included, on-demand up to four times per year
$400 billed once
$800 billed once
$1,000 billed monthly

Shadow Brand LTD

It begins with a spark.

Let's create something.

Whether you're a small business looking for that extra edge, a corporate giant making power plays, or political candidate that wants to be heard, we tailor our work to accommodate your needs.

Our selection of services includes:

  • Website design
  • Ad-copy, written content, proof-reading
  • Branding and identity
  • Graphics for print and web
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Video editing and motion graphics
  • Market research and reporting
  • Political consulting and campaign strategy

Got something in mind? Even if you don't see it here, we're ready to help.

Connect with us to get started.

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Case Studies

A small selection of our past work.

Fluent Finance

Fluent FinanceSee the live site

Revolutionizing the world of finance.

The brilliant team behind Fluent reached out to us with an incredibly bold claim: "We've developed a system that will revolutionize the way banking works."

So we set out to help them build a brand and website that would make that clear.

With such a bold claim at its helm, we felt there was no need for ostentatious, splashy designs. So we pulled back, creating a minimalistic, simple approach that would let their work speak for itself.

We're continuing to work closely with the Fluent team now to ensure their vision is properly represented in all their upcoming materials.

ServicesCustom web design, written content, logo, brand identity, graphics, SEO, plus ongoing maintenance

NEST Financial Group

NEST Financial GroupSee the live site

Modernity meets modularity.

We were instantly intrigued when the leaders of NEST Financial Group described their work bridging the world of digital finance with the legacy banking system. They wanted a brand identity that could represent their core mission — finding and developing financial solutions of every shape and size.

We spoke with the entire NEST team and realized that every project they were working on was a building block toward a bigger plan. So we developed a brand identity that strongly invoked a sense of firmity, with clearly defined lines that resembled, well, building blocks.

This same building block concept would also find its way to the custom website we developed for NFG, where we utilized smooth animated elements to create a serene sense of movement and evolving stability.

ServicesCustom web design, written content, logo, brand identity, graphics, SEO, plus ongoing maintenance
ClientNEST Financial Group

Gregory Wilson

Gregory WilsonSee the live siteSee the live store

Making it magical.

An internationally-renowned magician and performer, Gregory Wilson came to Shadow Brand in need of branding and marketing services.

Gregory's primary concern was that his exacting standards would be lost on larger, more chaotic firms. With Shadow Brand, we were able to go the extra mile for Gregory to make sure he was happy with our work.

Since building his primary booking site, Shadow Brand has gone on to customize his storefront, The Secret Source (where he sells his award-winning props and teaching materials), as well as a dedicated site for his limited-run shows in Newport Beach. We've also created numerous promotional materials, including teaser videos and printed handouts.

Gregory Wilson is an example of what we strive to achieve with every client. Personable and efficient service, centered on fostering lasting relationships.

ServicesCustom web designs, written content, logos, brand identities, graphics, videos/multimedia, SEO, plus ongoing maintenance
ClientGregory Wilson, The Secret Source, Magic at Fleming's

JILOA Improvement Partners

JILOA Improvement PartnersSee the live site

Peak Performance.

Since 2005, JILOA Improvement Partners has helped countless businesses streamline their performance, raise employee morale and increase efficiencies.

To keep JILOA itself going at its best, the founder of the company retained Shadow Brand to consult on a refresh of its corporate identity.

We worked closely with JILOA directors to craft an aesthetically-pleasing and informative website to explain the company's unique system for self-improvement. Balancing the voluminous information with the clean interface was the key to success.

Shadow Brand completed a website, along with modernized graphics and logos for JILOA.

ServicesCustom web design, logo, brand identity, graphics, SEO, plus ongoing maintenance
ClientJILOA Improvement Partners

Atlanta Magic Theater

Atlanta Magic TheaterSee the live site

A world-class show experience.

When we first met Peter Morrison, the owner and operator of the Atlanta Magic Theater, we knew there was more to him than just smoke and mirrors.

Peter had a very specific vision for the experience he wanted his audiences to enjoy — an upscale, classy meal and evening show with family, friends or loved ones. And of course, it had to be elegant and charming.

We worked closely with Peter to build a custom logo and website, blending modernized type with elements inspired by the vaudeville era for a fresh, yet timeless feel. We also helped Peter with all his custom video content, cutting trailers that would eventually see the Atlanta Magic Theater become the top-rated show attraction in the ATL area.

Today, Peter continues to consult us for various marketing strategies and ideas, as well as social media management and content. We also slip him a few ideas for new tricks every so often. 😉

ServicesCustom web design, logo, brand identity, written content, graphics, videos, content management, SEO, plus ongoing maintenance
ClientAtlanta Magic Theater



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