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Whether you're a small business looking for that extra edge or a corporate giant making power plays, we tailor our work to accommodate your needs.

Our selection of services includes:

  • Website design
  • Ad-copy, written content, proof-reading
  • Branding and identity
  • Graphics for print and web
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Video editing and motion graphics
  • Market research and reporting

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Case Studies

A small selection of our past work.

Startup Societies Foundation

Building a site to change the world.

When the Startup Societies Foundation (a non-profit organization) reached out to us with their goal of promoting independent nation building across the world, we wanted to make sure they had a website as grand as their vision.

Featuring custom web animations and large, sweeping design elements to represent the kind of change SSF wanted to bring about, this site was designed to both inform audiences of 'Startup Society' concepts and collect donations.

When we learned that many patrons preferred to donate using cryptocurrencies, we made sure the donation page was custom-built to accept the most popular forms.

SSF's rallying call is "Don't argue. Build." We couldn't agree more.

ServicesCustom web design, written content, logo, brand identity, graphics, video, SEO, plus ongoing maintenance
ClientStartup Societies Foundation

Gregory Wilson

Making it magical.

An internationally-renowned magician and performer, Gregory Wilson came to Shadow Brand in need of branding and marketing services.

Gregory's primary concern was that his exacting standards would be lost on larger, more chaotic firms. With Shadow Brand, we were able to go the extra mile for Gregory to make sure he was happy with our work.

Since building his primary booking site, Shadow Brand has gone on to customize his store front (where he sells his award-winning props and teaching materials) as well as a dedicated site for his most recent shows in Newport Beach. We've also created numerous promotional materials, including teaser videos and printed handouts.

Gregory Wilson is an example of what we strive to achieve with every client. Personable and efficient service, centered on fostering lasting relationships.

ServicesCustom web designs, written content, logos, brand identities, graphics, videos/multimedia, SEO, plus ongoing maintenance
ClientGregory Wilson, The Secret Source, Magic at Fleming's

JILOA Improvement Partners

Peak Performance.

Since 2005, JILOA Improvement Partners has helped countless businesses streamline their performance, raise employee morale and increase efficiencies.

To keep JILOA itself going at its best, the founder of the company retained Shadow Brand to consult on a refresh of its corporate identity.

We worked closely with JILOA directors to craft an aesthetically-pleasing and informative website to explain the company's unique system for self-improvement. Balancing the voluminous information with the clean interface was the key to success.

Shadow Brand completed a website, along with modernized graphics and logos for JILOA.

ServicesCustom web design, logo, brand identity, graphics, SEO, plus ongoing maintenance
ClientJILOA Improvement Partners

Green Cobra Packaging

Lean, mean, green.

As climate change awareness increases throughout society, companies like Green Cobra Packaging are looking to Shadow Brand for their competitive edge.

Although Green Cobra had been making 100% compostable products for years, a surge of interest in environmentally-friendly products lead them to seek a firm that could give them an online identity that stood out.

Working with feedback from company owners, Shadow Brand crafted a corporate identity based on the green cobra guppy. We focused on making content visually pleasing and easy to peruse, unlike overly complex competitor sites.

ServicesCustom web design, logo, brand identity, graphics, content management, SEO, plus ongoing maintenance
ClientGreen Cobra Packaging

Red Spade Theater

Set the stage.

After showcasing world-class performers for nearly a decade, the owner of the highly rated Red Spade Theater in San Diego reached out to Shadow Brand for help modernizing his business.

We examined the theater's current materials and signage, using them as inspiration for a brand design refresh, as well as a promotional video and custom-built website.

The site was configured so that even employees with minimal technical skill could easily update show information on the back end. We also added a custom section to properly exhibit the many five star ratings the theater receives.

ServicesCustom web design, logo, brand identity, written content, graphics, videos, content management, SEO, plus ongoing maintenance
ClientRed Spade Theater



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